милавица For about 50 years MILAVITSA has been producing lady’s lingerie, being one of the biggest lingerie producer in Eastern Europe. The company’s products are successfully sold in more than 25 countries around the world and are characterized by high quality, original and fashionable designs.


We aim to consolidate the resources of all of our companies to maximize their potential and achieve synergy in all aspects of our activities.

Our mission is to create comfort, positive emotions and confidence for our customers, employees and stockholders, through excellent products and a retail environment which is mood enhancing, helps to shape the style, and encourages the individuality and self esteem of each customer.

 Gimilreliable manufacturer, with a staff of designers, constructors, technologists able to implement in their collections the most current trends in the fashion world, wishes and requirements of consumers and to ensure that each model is on the way from ordering, design to finished products have received maximum attention at all stages of its creation.
лаума Women’s longing for feeling attractive is fundamental and eternal, and thus advantageous for a lasting business. However, this fact is now realized and exploited increasingly; competition is growing, and it becomes ever harder to maintain individual features on the global market. A modern lingerie producer should be refined, unique, and able to deal with a large scale. A business, which is based on beauty and understanding of women’s desires, is dynamic, sophisticated and responsible. We love it!
техно плюс
 Chain of stores selling household appliances and electronics, as well as related products. We present in Belarus global brands and professional level of customer service. We strive to become leaders in their field.
Store for the hygiene and health of the whole family of the new format. Our mission is to help people maintain their health by controlling it with the help of professional medical equipment and supporting products the most famous manufacturers in the world.
psi PSI Logistics GmbH is the PSI AG subsidiary in which the group’s logistics expertise is concentrated and through which it makes it available to the market. PSI Logistics implements IT projects of all sizes in the field of logistics. It does so quickly, flexibly and efficiently; on a national and international level; and in all sectors of industry. PSI Logistics is the perfect partner for companies in the industrial, commercial and service sectors seeking logistics solutions.
Since its founding in 1937, the private company SSI SCHAEFER - strong and reliable partner, with more than 50 branches worldwide. SSI SCHAEFER- market leader in the planning and implementation of integrated logistics systems, as well as an important provider of advanced concepts in waste management organization. We promote innovative solutions of its own production of both types throughout the world.
The company is ready to execute all complex of works on automation: to develop the design documentation and software to deliver the equipment, perform installation and commissioning, to provide services. Since 2008, the ISS is a system integrator and certified partner of Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric. In addition, we implement projects on the equipment: Siemens, Omron, Danfoss, Emerson, Yokogawa, Phoenix Contact, etc.
BITO BITO –  this is the short version of Bittmann Oberstein, thus combining the founder’s name and place of origin which gave the name to today’s company operating under the name of BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH. BITO storage products such as shelving & racking, plastic bins & containers and workshop equipment as well as BITO storage and order picking systems are used in any industry sector.